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About Us

HELBoost is an entrepreneurship society aiming at supporting promising business opportunities stemming from the Helsinki School of Business (Helbus). This is achieved through personalized advisory, mentorship, and hands-on assistance to shape valuable early-stage ideas into market offerings. The initiative also aims at nurturing a pioneering and innovative culture within the Helbus ecosystem, aiming for an osmosis between two distinct and yet acutely interconnected worlds: education and entrepreneurship.



We support entrepreneurial intentions by offering resources, services, and activities.


●  Roadmap tools to analyze, test, and validate business ideas

●  Mentoring opportunities to help evaluate the feasibility of business ideas, provide a space to solve problems and reduce risks, oversee strategies and action plans, and improve pitching skills

●  Lectures/ workshops in business plan development and pitch-deck design

●  Networking opportunities to support the building of local and global networks

●  Business showcase event participation to attract pre-seed and seed funding (TBD)

●  Job preparedness and placements


Our value proposition is to provide personalized and tailored support to rising entrepreneurs.

Board of directors

Christopher Sundén-Cullberg


Missa Andreea Vogl

Teemu Matikkala

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Martin Desmaras

Martin Desmaras

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